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ACS provides complete system integration and technical services for SCADA, PLC, DCS and custom PC based integrated control systems. 

We have decades of experience bringing together systems ranging from small, single manufacturer systems to large integration projects involving many systems and mixed manufacturers.  Our capabilities include development and integration of HMI’s (human-machine interfaces), OIT’s (operator interface terminals) and PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), as well as communications between in-plant/local systems and remote sites, report generation, alarm monitoring and notification, and access control and security systems.


ACS is a factory trained and certified Systems Integrator for technical services on HMI platforms


ACS provides complete technical services for SCADA, PLC, DCS and custom PC control systems


ACS provides complete design and integration services on a variety of PLC/RTU/DCS platforms.


HMI & OIT Solutions

ACS provides complete systems integration and technical services for SCADA, PLC, DCS and custom PC based integrated control systems. ACS is a factory trained and certified Systems Integrator for the following HMI platforms:

  • Intellution FIX and iFIX

  • Wonderware InTouch

  • Siemens WinCC

  • Wonderware Archestra IAS

  • Rockwell – Allen Bradley Factory Talk/RSView

  • Iconics Genesis

  • Citect

  • Control Microsystems ClearSCADA

RTU/PLC Platform Solutions

ACS’s depth and many years of experience in system integration service and support allows us to provide our clients with support for older legacy systems hardware and software platforms to the latest PLC hardware platforms. ACS provides complete systems design and systems integration services on a wide variety of PLC/RTU/DCS hardware platforms. ACS provides 24/7/365 support for the following platforms:

  • Rockwell Automation – Allen Bradley

  • Automation Direct

  • Autocon

  • Emerson

  • Bristol Babcock

  • General Electric

  • Control Microsystems

  • Schneider Electric

  • Cutler Hammer

  • General Electric

  • Healy Ruff

  • Modicon

  • Moore Products

  • Siemens

  • Symax

  • Texas Instruments

  • Unitronics

Program conversion services

Program conversion services are available for a wide variety of platforms to replace older legacy hardware and software such as early Allen Bradley, Bristol/Emerson and Modicon platforms to the latest IEC-61131 hardware and software platforms.  We also offer protocol conversion for communications between numerous vendor’s equipment allowing us to integrate the RTU/PLC of your choice such as Allen Bradley, Control Microsystems or Siemens with existing legacy platform networks such as Bristol Babcock, Emerson and Modicon.


Communication Solutions

ACS provides complete turnkey design and integration services for SCADA and telemetry systems incorporating radio, leased line, dial-up and cellular communications systems as well as hardwired and Fiber Optic systems.  We also provide complete computer system networking design and implementation for LAN and WAN applications.


We have saved customers thousands of dollars per year by converting expensive, copper leased line telemetry circuits to simple, inexpensive wireless telemetry circuits cutting monthly phone company charges by as much 50% to 80% and improving reliability substantially.

ACS provides comprehensive onsite communications surveys and studies for licensed and unlicensed SCADA radio telemetry applications, cellular communications, broadband wireless systems and wireless LAN and WAN applications.  We have extensive experience in wireless system applications, survey, installation and service with most major brands of wireless equipment including:

  • AirLink Cellular Products

  • Encore Cellular Products

  • GE MDS Microwave Data Systems

  • Freewave Technologies

  • Dataradio

  • Satellite Communications

  • Motorola Canopy Broadband

  • Omnex Wireless I/O Products

  • Elpro Wireless I/O Products


Our team of engineers has decades of experience programming projects both large and small.  Our focus is efficiency, quality, and usability.  We are well versed in all languages of the IEC 61131 family and know when to apply them most effectively.

ACS has the latest in programming software available for your equipment. Check with our technical team to ensure the best software solution for your equipment needs.



ACS is a factory trained Systems Integrator for the following third party report generation packages:

  • SyTech XL Reporter

  • Ocean Data System Dream Report

  • Crystal Reports


ACS is fully qualified to provide the following and alarm notification software systems:

  • EXELE TopView

  • Iconics AlarmWorx MMX

  • Specter Instruments WIN-911

  • Wonderware SCADAlarm

Access Control, Security And Video Monitoring Solutions

ACS is a factory trained Systems Integrator for the following security, monitoring and alarm notification systems:

  • Continental Access Control – Access Control, Security, Fire and Video Monitoring Solutions
  • NAPCO Security – Security and Fore Monitoring Systems

  • Longwatch Inc. – Video Monitoring and Access Control Solutions

  • Honeywell



ACS has many years of experience in the installation and integration of water and wastewater SCADA and Control Systems.   Our knowledge and experience with older “Legacy” systems such as Healy Ruff, Autocon, Consolidated Electric and other manufacturers platforms combined with our extensive experience with the latest SCADA hardware and software platforms from today’s “best in class” manufacturers, allows us to upgrade and convert older legacy systems with new hardware and software to give you the latest features and functions for your new system. 

If desired, our design can incorporate re-use of existing control enclosures, field instruments and control wiring to significantly reduce the cost of your system upgrade. ACS has implemented entire SCADA System upgrades and change-outs for as many as 35 RTU sites in a 48-hour period using our own in-house engineering and construction crews with minimal service disruption to the client. ACS can provide complete systems design and upgrade services using manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Control Micro Systems, Siemens, Schneider and others.  Upon completion, your new system is supported by our 24/7 engineering and field service support staff.  Upgrade services are available for the following platforms:

  • Autocon

  • Automation Direct

  • Bristol Babcock

  • Consolidated Electric

  • Cutler Hammer

  • Fisher ROC

  • Foxboro

  • General Electric

  • GE Fanuc

  • Healy Ruff

  • Modicon

  • Omron

  • Siemens

  • Square-D

  • Symax

  • Texas Instruments

  • Transdyne

  • Valmet

  • US Filter Controls


ACS’s broad range of PLC and control systems support services allows us to provide maintenance, repair and upgrade services on a wide variety of treatment plant systems equipment by various manufacturers. ACS can provide onsite support and upgrade services for the following vendor’s equipment:

  • Aquionics

  • Ashbrook

  • Autocon

  • Clortec

  • Fluid Dynamics

  • Flygt

  • Healy-Ruff

  • Hungerford & Terry

  • Infilco Degremont

  • Leopold

  • Neptune

  • Roberts Filter

  • Roediger

  • Severn Trent

  • Siemens Water Technologies

  • Tonka Equipment Company

  • Trojan Technologies

  • Trident Filter Systems

  • US Filter

  • Westfalia

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